Frequently Asked Questions?

Most frequently asked questions

  • I can’t find the digital 16-17 Saver download code. Where do I find this?

    Check your mailbox (including your junk mail) for an email from our 16-17 Saver team.

    If you still can’t find it, login to your 16-17 Saver account and click 'Manage Railcard' to see your download code. If you still can’t find it, click 'Get New Download Code'

  • My digital 16-17 Saver download code won’t work

    Your download code may have expired or been used on too many devices.

    Login to your account and request a new digital 16-17 Saver download code.

    You can only store your digital 16-17 Saver on a maximum of 2 devices, so you may need to remove your 16-17 Saver from an existing device to add it to a new one.

  • Can I have a plastic and digital version of my 16-17 Saver?

    You can choose to have a 16-17 Saver on your mobile device or sent to you by post at the time of purchase. You can not have both.

  • How do I add a digital 16-17 Saver to my phone?

    If you have already bought a 16-17 Saver and opted to have this on your mobile device, you should have received a 16-17 Saver download code by email.

    Once you've got this download code, go to the Railcard app, tap on the ‘+’ button in the top left of the screen and enter your code. Your 16-17 Saver should then be downloaded to your mobile device. 

  • How quickly will I get my new digital 16-17 Saver?

    In most cases, you should get your 16-17 Saver download code immediately after completing your purchase. You can then use the code to download your 16-17 Saver to the Railcard app. If you have uploaded a scan of a document to verify your age, your application will take a little longer to process. 

  • How can I buy a digital 16-17 Saver?

    You can buy a 16-17 Saver through this website (Click "Buy now" and digital will be the default option) or by telesales on 0345 301 1656.

  • What happens if I have no battery life or can’t show my 16-17 Saver?

    If you don’t have any battery life, or have forgotten your device, it won't be possible to check that your 16-17 Saver discount is valid.

    You could be asked to buy a single ticket for your journey, or be issued with a Penalty Fare.

    If you do get caught out while travelling, you can make one claim a year to be refunded for any extra fare or penalty you incur.

    For a list of train companies in Great Britain, and their details, click here.

  • What is the digital 16-17 Saver download code?

    If you choose to have your 16-17 Saver on your phone, you will receive a download code when your order is complete.

    You'll need to download the Railcard app and enter the download code to get your 16-17 Saver on your phone. 

  • Is my phone compatible for the digital 16-17 Saver?

    The Railcard app is available to download from the App Store and the Google Play store. 

    The app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices only and further details on compatibility are provided on the App Store and Google Play store. 

    The Railcard app is not compatible with Windows Phones.

  • Can I renew my 16-17 Saver?

    Yes, providing that you are still 17, you can renew the 16-17 Saver. Your 16-17 Saver will be valid up until the day before your 18th birthday.

    However, if you are approaching your 18th birthday, then you may want to consider purchasing the 16-25 Railcard as it may provide you discounts for a longer period. See for more detail. 

  • How can I remove my 16-17 Saver from an existing device?

    To remove your 16-17 Saver from an existing device you will need to login to your account and find the option to manage your 16-17 Saver.

    Then just choose the device you want to remove your card from.

  • What is a digital 16-17 Saver?

    When buying the 16-17 Saver, you can choose to have your 16-17 Saver on your phone (digital) or to have a plastic card posted to you. 

    If you want to start using your discount straight away, then the digital 16-17 Saver is the best option as you don't need to wait for the post. 

    To get your 16-17 Saver on your phone, you will need to download the Railcard app and use the download code provided when your order is complete.

    The digital 16-17 Saver can be stored in the Railcard app on up to two devices.

  • Why has my card been blocked?

    If we detect suspicious activity on your 16-17 Saver, it will be blocked until we have had the chance to speak to you.

    During this period, your 16-17 Saver will no longer be valid for travel.

    If your 16-17 Saver has been blocked, you will need to contact our customer support team on 0345 301 1656 (7am to 10pm every day except Christmas Day).

    **Excessive device changing can result in the 16-17 Saver being blocked**

  • Why can’t I add my 16-17 Saver to another device?

    You can store your digital 16-17 Saver on up to two devices at a time.

    If you want to add it a third, you will need to remove it from one of your existing devices through your account.

  • How do I unblock my 16-17 Saver?

    You will need to contact our customer support team so that we can better understand the activity that has caused your 16-17 Saver to be blocked.

    If appropriate, they will be able to help you get back online with your 16-17 Saver.

  • What happens if I lose my device?

    If you lose your device, you can easily add your 16-17 Saver to a new one.

    If your 16-17 Saver is already stored on two devices, follow the instructions to remove it from the lost phone to add it to a new one.

  • What happens if I don’t have reception or I am offline?

    Don't worry, once your digital 16-17 Saver is on your phone, it will be available even when you have no mobile data or Wi-Fi.

    As long as your mobile device has connected to the internet at some point within the last 72 hours, your app will continue to show your 16-17 Saver.

    You will need an internet connection though to buy the 16-17 Saver or add the 16-17 Saver to a new device.