Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I buy my 16-17 Saver?

You can buy your 16-17 Saver online or by phone.

To buy online, simply click 'Buy Now' on the website homepage and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to provide a valid passport, UK driving licence, EEA national identity Card number or upload a birth certificate or a Government-approved PASS card to verify your age and a passport-style photo to continue with your purchase. Please note that before your 16-17 Saver can be issued, our team need to approve the age evidence provided (please allow up to 24 hours Monday to Friday and up to 48 hours at weekends for this to be done).

Once you have completed your purchase and your age evidence has been approved, a download code will be sent to your registered email address, along with instructions on how to download your 16-17 Saver.  If you have bought the 16-17 Saver on behalf of someone, the download code email will be sent to the person you have bought the Railcard for (cardholder email address). 

To buy by phone, please call our telesales service on 0345 301 1656  (7:00am to 10:00pm every day except Christmas Day). You will need to provide a valid passport or UK driving licence or National Identity Card number to verify your age and a passport-style photo.