Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I buy the 16-17 Saver for another person?

Yes, you can buy 16-17 Saver for a friend or family member if they are eligible. You will need to supply the evidence of age eligibility (such as a passport or driving licence code) as well as a photograph.

To order the 16-17 Saver for someone else, when you get to the question, "Is this 16-17 Saver for you or someone else?" choose the option for "Someone else" and continue the process. You will have the option of having the 16-17 Saver delivered to the address of your choice in Britain or abroad or to be sent a download code to get a digital version on a smartphone. We'll also provide information as to how the 16-17 Saver holder can create their own 16-17 Saver online account if they wish.